+ Can Spaceteam be played with only 2 players?

Technically yes, but it's really not much fun with two people. The main tenet of the game is frantically figuring out where all the tools you need are to fix your malfunctioning spaceship, but with only two players, if it's not in your hand then you know that it is in the other player's hand, which takes away a lot of the fun.

+ What is included with the game?

The Main Game includes: - 1 Game Box (which will likely have space for the expansion deck as well) - 1 five (5) minute timer - 90 game cards - 1 game instructions

The NSFS Expansion Deck includes: - 1 card sleeve - 48 game cards

The Triangulum Expansion Deck includes: - 1 card sleeve - approx. 48 cards

+ What is the total player count required for this game?

We play-tested this game A LOT, and this is what we found:

For the main game, the player count is 3-6 players.

Adding the expansion allows for up to 9 players, but can accommodate 12+ (although this starts to become a frantic mess unless ALL players are familiar with the game.)

Multiple expansions can be added to a single game to potentially accommodate more people, but we have not thoroughly play-tested 2 expansions. Our experience during limited play-testing of multiple expansions is that if everyone knows how to play, it's awesome with two expansions!

+ Does the game come with some sort of timer?

Yep! A 5 minute timer is included with the main game, but not with the expansion. There will also be a space-tastic online timer available which will help enhance gameplay and ensure elevated heart rates.

+ Can I see the game in action?

Check out the live gameplay here: http://www.playspaceteam.com/gameplay-video

+ Where can I find out more about the original mobile game?

You can learn more about the mobile game at:http://www.sleepingbeastgames.com/spaceteam/

Or, you can download the mobile game on the Google Play Store or ITunes . . . just search 'Spaceteam'!

+ Where can I get this game?

You're so close! You can get the game on this website: http://www.playspaceteam.com/store

+ Who is making this game?

Tommy West - Product Director, Game Design and Mechanics Matt Sisson - Art Director, Game Design Henry Smith - Advisor, Original Game Concept Timothy Hutchings - Card Game Concept Sergey Grigoryan - Illustrator Elan Lee - Advisor